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De-Clutter Your Life and Keep Your iPhone Handy

Life is hectic enough without having to keep track of a missing phone, return missed calls and explain to people why you weren't available when they tried to reach you. For nearly ten years, our iPhone Lanyard Cases have helped people avoid this unnecessary stress.

From the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 11, our Liberty Lanyard Case has proven to be a useful tool for busy moms, vacationers, professionals and people on the go. Whether using the iPhone lanyard case to readily remove your iphone from a purse or bag, or keeping it securely draped around your neck, our lanyard case will take your life much simpler.

Check out our reviews on Amazon and our website. You'll notice how many people love our lanyard case and found it useful while on vacation, at home and at the office. Our iPhone lanyard case is available in many different colors and styles. We also offer a variety of different lanyards to customize your case. We are sure you'll find our lanyard case extremely helpful and will get a a lot of compliments and questions from other iPhone users

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